Due to the recent bug in OpenSSL Heartbleed we have had to regenerate all public and private keys for Zeus. This means that if you attempt to SSH into Zeus you are likely to be given a warning saying that the fingerprints have changed. This is probably ok. To remove the old fingerprints from your known_hosts file you can use the following command `ssh-keygen -R zeus.jesus.cam.ac.uk`. The new fingerprints are as follows:
RSA: 77:f7:71:5e:6a:9e:aa:50:dd:c5:c1:fa:f7:c7:ae:bf
DSA: a6:6e:6a:12:00:42:10:bf:94:a4:10:78:82:d1:a7:d0
If you have any concerns please email the admins as detailed below.
Zeus in all its glory
Zeus runs Ubuntu Server LTS complete with Apache, MySQL and more

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